The HUB Renovations Are First Class

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, City Planner

Every so often a business will renovate their facility to improve the atmosphere for their growing customer base, and The HUB Stadium is no exception.  A year after their successful grand opening, The HUB has made a number of renovations to improve your dining and recreational experience.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk through the main door is the new 20-foot long, high-top table that can accommodate 16 people.  As you glance further left, you will notice a table tucked back in the corner that has six high-back leather chairs surrounding, which is well suited for those looking for a private setting.  More booths, with padded backs and seat cushions, have been added to the new wood-paneled walls.

As you walk down the center isle you will surely notice the new axe throwing pits on the right – a great game for anyone with a little bit of lumberjack in them – and the artificial turf that was added to bomb bowling lanes 9 through 13.

In the rear of the building you’ll see the new elevated seating area along the back window.

This is the perfect spot for those looking to take a small break from all the bomb bowling action.

For those looking for a place to hold a large gathering – the BRUHUB room has been renovated for a more professional look and atmosphere.  Last but not least, more couches and leather chairs have been added to the HUBCLUB room.

The HUB’s new renovations will surely secure their spot as one of the area’s top entertainment venues.

We Want You … In Downtown!

Posted by – Samantha Seimer, Director of Authorities

The Auburn Hills Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) is always seeking creative measures to help the community thrive.  Nearly a decade ago, the Directors of TIFA implemented a Site Improvement Grant, which provides a dollar-for-dollar match to businesses for the improvement of their landscaping, site furnishings, signage and other façade enhancements.

Some of the most recent and noticeable TIFA Site Improvement Grants include The HUB Stadium and Nexteer Automotive.

The TIFA Board of Directors is dedicated to growing Downtown Auburn Hills, and in that spirit, they have approved a new Business Expansion Grant of up to $300,000 in 2018!

The purpose of this grant is to assist commercial businesses looking to expand to a second location in Downtown Auburn Hills.  This recruitment tool can help a restaurant or retail store furnish the building and make it move-in-ready for the new tenant.  The grant is subject to approval by the TIFA Board and is similar to the Site Improvement Grant in that it also requires a dollar-for-dollar match.

The Grant application will be available online soon. If you have any questions, or perhaps are a business owner looking to expand in our Downtown, please contact the City at 248.370.9400.

The Big Picture

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

Nothing builds a team like spending time together.  Knowing this, the City of Auburn Hills developed a program called Auburn Hills University (AHU) which brings one employee from each department together, for one day out of the month, for six months.  The group visits a new department each month for an in-depth look at its core functions.  At the end of the program, they have a better understanding of how the deparments work together to service the City and make connections with co-workers that strengthen our team.  They get a look at the big picture.

Yesterday, AHU employees spent the day with the Community Development Department.  They were treated to a day full of information about Building, Planning, and Code Enforcement activities.  While this may sound terrifically dull, it was anything but.  The best way to understand Community Development is to be out in the community!

The group visited the construction site of the nearly complete, Round 1 Entertainment attraction coming to Great Lakes Crossing Outlets.  They got a sneak peek of the space and learned about the growth of this company that is new to Michigan.

Checking out the Round 1 project under construction

Then it was off to SEALIFE Aquarium, Michigan.  A behind-the-scenes tour gave them a chance not only to see the incredible sea life but see the space that had been transformed from a restaurant into an entertainment destination for people of all ages to enjoy.

Overlooking the big pool at SEALIFE

The group stopped for lunch at The HUB (The Home of Urban Bowling) to try out Bomb Bowling.  No bowling ball needed…just a football.  It’s not as easy as it looks!  The HUB is located in a newly redeveloped restaurant that sat vacant for years.  The new use brings life and fun back into the space.

CD Director Steve Cohen has a good arm! Way to go, Steve!

Saving the best for last, the day ended with a tour of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA US).  FCA gave generously of their time to give our AHU group a tour of their facilities and then shared fascinating background of how their headquarters building came to be.

Photo taken from the 15th floor of the FCA US Headquarters tower

We look forward to leading a tour of brand new spaces next year!

Big Buck Bewery Bottle Comes Down

Posted by – Stephanie Carroll, Manager of Business Development & Community Relations

Today, the bottle at the former Big Buck Brewery was taken down.  It marks the new beginning of The HUB, which is planned to be open for business by mid-November.


It was really quite a process since the bottle stands over 45 feet tall.  For some reason, I had no idea that the bottle was a metal structure that housed a grain mill inside of it.  I always thought it was almost an inflatable-type bottle.


I got to peek inside today before they removed the outside of the structure.  I heard you can buy the bottle on Craig’s List if you’re interested.


While I will always have fond memories of Big Buck, which closed in 2006, I’m looking forward to learning how to do some urban bombowling at The HUB.