Working To Address The Nuisance Of Tall Grass

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

Due to this year’s wet Spring, the lawns throughout Auburn Hills are growing, pardon the expression, like weeds.  It’s also the time – May 1st through October 15th to be exact – that the City’s Weed Abatement Program is in effect.

Ordinance 78-28 declares grass on residential lawns longer than eight inches to be a nuisance and gives the City the authority to trim it.  The process used is to affix a green grass violation sticker on the door of the residence in question advising the occupant that the grass must be cut within 72 hours.  For vacant lots, a notice is mailed giving 10 days to comply.  This is due to the delivery time of snail mail.  These notices are only issued once a year at a particular location.

Generally, the residents or owners cut the grass within the time allotted.  Last year the compliance rate was about 75%.  However, if the grass doesn’t get cut, the location is placed on a list and given to our City contractor for cutting.

Most of the violations are observed by Code Enforcement Officers during their daily rounds through the neighborhoods.  However, many come from complaints by citizens.  If you see an unkempt lawn over eight inches in length, please feel free to call Code Enforcement at 248-364-6934 and let us know.

A Cut Ahead

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

What a difference a month makes … and a year!

While putting together the monthly statistics for this year’s Tall Weed/Grass Abatement Program, the comparisons between July and August were pretty surprising.

The City of Auburn Hills has a progressive Tall Weed/Grass Abatement program - led by Dales Mathes (a.k.a., The Green Hornet)

The City of Auburn Hills has a progressive Tall Weed/Grass Abatement program – led by Dales Mathes (a.k.a., The Green Hornet)

Back in July, when it was warmer, 103 properties were identified as needing cutting.  Eventually, 69 of the property owners or occupants complied by trimming up their personal landscapes.  In August, things started to cool down a bit and grass growth slowed down.  Only 43 properties needed cutting and of these 27 were cut by the folks responsible for the properties.  That’s a compliance rate of over 50% for both months.

The comparison to last year was pleasantly surprising as well.  In July 2012, out of 40 properties only 16 complied.  In August 2012, 22 out of 54 complied.  Those results were clearly less than half.

One of the major goals of the City’s program is to educate the citizens, businesses, and property owners on the importance of lawn maintenance.  We would like to believe that goal is being accomplished.

We appreciate the continued cooperation and support of the community and hope that someday the City won’t have to cut any grass.  Now, that would be pretty cool.

The Green Hornet Rides Again!

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

The Green Hornet is still out there, schlepping from one end of the City of Auburn Hills to the other looking for those yards not cut, those vacant lots ignored … but wait, the few parcels in that condition are brown and dried up, not over the eight inch height limit.  Once again the reason is … HEAT!!

Dale Mathes (a.k.a., The Green Hornet)

As reported last month, the evil mastermind behind The Worldwide Ecological and Environmental Destruction System (W.E.E.D.S.) has upped the ante.  This summer has seemed like an inferno at times with several days above 100 degrees!

For the month of July, our hero issued a mere 13 Violation Notices – as compared to 50 warnings a year ago.  Good news!  All 13 property owners complied.

This left 18 residential properties to be abated by Jason (a.k.a.,“Residential Man”) and six vacant lots cut by Norm (a.k.a., “The Rough Cutter”).  All 26 parcels were repeat customers.

So back to the real question everyone at City Hall is asking:  Who is the diabolical leader of W.E.E.D.S?  Well, the Green Hornet has narrowed it down to three persons of interest.

“Tex” Sunn has been The Green Hornet’s nemesis for years

First is “Tex” Sunn, the billionaire Texas oilman (tanning oil, of course.)  Next is Apollo Scorcher, whose company, Sun Watch, is the leading manufacturer of wrist sundials.  And finally, Suzette Soliel, whose line of high-priced sundresses is losing customers due to the rising popularity of short shorts.

Is the evil mastermind one of those three?  Or could it be someone else entirely different?  Perhaps, it’s someone one you would never expect.  Stay tuned loyal readers as your hero stalks this elusive villain.

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