Clearing Sidewalks Of Snow Makes A Safer Community For All

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

The weather forecasters say that a big winter storm is coming today, so we wanted to provide a friendly reminder of the City’s published rules for snow and ice removal.

If your property has a sidewalk, Sections 62-77 and 62-78 of the Auburn Hills Code of Ordinances outline the general requirements for timely removal of snow and ice.  Specifically, the occupant of a property (or if unoccupied, the owner) is responsible for clearing his/her sidewalks:  1) within 12 hours – if the snow or ice falls during daylight hours; or 2) by 6:00 p.m. the following day – if the snow or ice falls during the night.

If you have physical limitations and need help, you may qualify for a City assistance program.  Contact our Community Center at 248-370-9353 for more information.

Timely snow removal is important as it makes life easier and safer for the elderly, kids walking to the bus stop or school, emergency personnel, and delivery people.  Thank you for being a good neighbor and doing your part to help to make Auburn Hills safer for people of all ages and abilities.

Keeping The Sidewalks Clear

Posted by – Darren Darge, Code Enforcement Officer

As we settle into the cold winter months, some people look forward to skiing, sledding, ice fishing and my favorite – snowmobiling.  Snow is fun for some and annoying, frustrating and just a pain in the lower back for others.  Whether you’re playing in the snow or prefer to enjoy it from a window seat with a hot beverage, we all need to do what we can to keep our sidewalks clear of snow for pedestrian passage.


Every year the City does their best to keep the sidewalks and roads clear.  We do what we can and last year was extra challenging due to the large amounts of snow and ice.

The City Ordinance reads as follows:

Sec.62-77. – Snow and ice removal.

         The occupant of every lot or premises adjoining any street, or the owner of such lot or premises, if the same are not occupied, shall clear all ice and snow from sidewalks adjoining such lot or premises within the time required in this section.  When any snow or ice shall cease to fall during the daylight hours, such snow or ice shall be cleared from the sidewalks within 12 hours after such cessation.  When a fall of snow or ice shall have ceased during the nighttime, it shall be cleared from the sidewalks by 6:00pm of the day following.

If you have physical limitations and need help, you may qualify for an assistance program through the City by calling our Community Center at 248-370-9353.

Everyone doing their part to keep sidewalks clear helps keep our residents and pedestrians safe.