Clean Up Event Provides Immediate Gratification

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Community Development Executive Assistant

The Auburn Hills Beautification Advisory Commission (BAC) held their first clean up event of 2017 this past Saturday morning.   A small group of volunteers, which included two elementary school students, gathered at Will Rogers Elementary School to clean the natural wooded areas and open spaces surrounding the building.

From left to right – Connor Grosz (student), Carla Withers, Mattie Lopez (student), Rich Foster; City Councilman Bob Kittle, me and Jan Kittle (our photographer) post clean up.  A big thank you to all and especially Councilman Kittle for helping out on his birthday!

The group collected seven large bags of trash from the woods, along with an old, rusted, antique mattress frame and a wheel/rotor assembly.

Often the eye passes right over what we don’t want to see.  Discarded cups, bottles, wrappers and such can become a part of the landscape and erode an otherwise pleasing scene.   Litter, when left unchecked, can lead to feelings of unrest, discomfort and sometimes even fear.  The disorganized appearance can lead to lower property values and even disinvestment.

That is why beautiful cities, like Auburn Hills, remain vigilant in clean-up efforts.  The solution to litter is quite simple and takes a minimal amount of time – especially when friends, relatives and neighbors come together.   One of my favorite things about these events is the immediate gratification – knowing that you’ve made a difference and are leaving something in better shape than you found it.

If you see an area in our fine City that needs attention, contact the City to help get the ball rolling.  If you would like to coordinate your own cleanup event, our Keep It Clean program can provide the needed supplies and safety equipment to help ensure a safe and productive day.

Contact the Auburn Hills Beautification Commission at or 248.364.6946 for more information.  Help keep Auburn Hills a beautiful place to live, work and play.

FCA Motor Citizens Recognized for Stewardship Efforts

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner

The City of Auburn Hills would like to congratulate FCA Motor Citizens, a volunteer corps assembled by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, for receiving the Clinton River Watershed Council’s 2015 Jerry Carvey Volunteer of the Year Award.

FCA Motor Citizens were presented with the Award for their longtime support and stewardship efforts in keeping our waterways clean.  The great majority of their efforts were achieved through their participation in CRWC stewardship programs, such as Weekly Clean, Clinton Cleanup, and woody debris removal events.

Left: Anne M. Vaara, Executive Director, Clinton River Watershed Council Middle: Daphne Harris, FCA, Manager Civic & Community Relations at Chrysler Right: Susan Kelsey, President, CRWC BOD

From left, Anne M. Vaara, Executive Director, Clinton River Watershed Council; Daphne Harris, FCA, Manager Civic & Community Relations at Chrysler; Susan Kelsey, President, CRWC BOD

FCA Motor Citizens provides dozens of volunteers to these stewardship efforts each year which equates to hundreds of hours spent cleaning up trash and other debris from the Clinton River, its watershed and Lake St. Clair.  The time that FCA Motor Citizens continues to provide CRWC and the community in the form of positive and hardworking volunteers, shows their commitment to protecting our waterways for all to enjoy.

The Jerry Carvey Volunteer of the Year Award was created to recognize individuals for their extraordinary commitment of time, talents and resources to fostering improvement and protection of the Clinton River, its watershed, and Lake St. Clair.

Click the links to learn about volunteer opportunities in and around the Clinton River Watershed and the City of Auburn Hills’ Keep it Clean program.

Students Lend A Hand To “Keep It Clean”

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

Four members of the City’s Beautification Advisory Commission participated in a Keep it Clean, road-side clean up last Saturday morning and invited some industrious youngsters along to take part and dig in.

Student volunteers, from left to right, Owen, 15 from Eton Academy; Carl, 11 from Deerfield Elementary;  Chloe....

BAC Members, back row, left to right –  Pattie Ormsbee, Rich Foster, Celeste Yoskovich and Cheryl Verbeke.  Student volunteers, front row, from left to right – Owen (15) from Eton Academy, Carl (11) from Deerfield Elementary and Chloe (7), Haley (9) and Dalia (10) are all from Lakeville Elementary.

These students are not strangers to community service.  From raking leaves for elderly homeowners, to working in soup kitchens, these kids have already learned that giving back is good.

The clean-up took place on the east side of Baldwin Road between Great Lakes Crossing Drive and South Vista Drive.

A big thank you to City Councilperson, Cheryl Verbeke; BAC Chairman, Rich Foster; Vice-Chair, Celeste Yoskovich;  former BAC Chairperson, Patricia Ormsbee and our wonderful students.


Click here for more information on the Keep It Clean program and learn how you and/or your company can get involved.