Time To Cut The Grass

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Community Development Executive Assistant

What felt like an endless winter, has finally come to an end!  Warmer temperatures have set in, and the grass is green and growing in our beautiful city!  May 1st marked the beginning of the Auburn Hills’ Weed Abatement Program…just in case the grass grows a little too long.

Between May 1st and October 15th, Ordinance 78-28 specifies that grass on residential properties cannot exceed 8” in height.  Violation of that rule will result in the placement of a green sticker on the front door of the home to notify the occupants that the grass must be cut within 72-hours.

In the case of vacant lots, a notice is mailed giving property owners ten days to comply.  These notices are only issued once a year at a particular location.   If the grass is not cut, the location is added to a list and cut by a city contractor (at the property owner’s expense).

Code Enforcement Officers observe most of the violations, but anyone is welcome to report grass over 8″ tall by calling the Community Development Department at (248) 364-6934.  A big thanks to all of the Auburn Hills’ residents and businesses that continue to keep our City green – not overgrown.

Grass “R” Us

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

The June 2015 grass statistics have been compiled and they are both very similar and very different from last year’s stats.  Last month showed 58 violations of the grass ordinance with 28 properties complying and 30 having to be abated by the City’s contractor.  This included 12 residential cuts and 18 large vacant parcel cuts.

Before cut

Before cut

June of last year had 20 properties cut, with 14 residential properties but only six vacant parcels.  The major difference was the fact that there were 75 violations with 55 properties complying.

After cut

After cut

So even though violations are down (probably due to a huge drop in vacant properties) the cuts are up a third from last year.  This is mostly due to cutting at and around various on-going construction sites, such as Forester Square, Shimmons-Woodgrove and Thornhill Estates.

Stats and reasons change from year to year, but the grass keeps growing.  Thanks to all the Auburn Hills residents and businesses who continue to keep the City green, not overgrown.