What’s Old Is New Again

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Assistant City Planner

If you’ve been through the Forester Square Subdivision this past year you most likely saw quite a bit of construction going on.  Nestled nicely within the walkable neighborhood, one-family houses are being built in a style commonly referred to as “New Urbanism”.  The style is reminiscent of homes built in the “Golden Age” of Detroit.  It’s different from anything else in the City.


These two-story houses are positioned close to the sidewalks, which helps bring the neighborhood together.  The sidewalks provide easy access to the City’s Downtown and network of pathways, trails and parks.  The front and rear yards are smaller than what might be found on a typical lot, which many see as a benefit due to reduced lawn maintenance time and expense.


The most noticeable difference in this subdivision is the absence of front-facing driveways and garages.  In a deliberate effort to create curb appeal and connectivity, the garages are located behind the house and are easily accessed by a separate drive.

Houses are just under 2,000 square feet in size and most have a large front porch, conducive to interaction with friends and neighbors.  Most homes have open floor plans on the first floor with master bedrooms on the second floor.


Residents of Forester Square also have access to the spacious courtyard as well as the clubhouse and swimming pool.

So if you’re looking for a neighborhood with a little touch of historic character look no further than Forester Square located along Adams Road in Auburn Hills.

The Parkways: Eastern Gateway to Downtown Auburn Hills Proposed

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

We are pleased to report that a multi-generational housing development called The Parkways has been proposed on 22 acres located west of Adams Road, north of the Clinton River Trail.  The project will complete the development of the land south of the stalled Forester Square condominiums.

The proposed Planned Unit Development will consist of 76 townhouse style units, 72 stacked flat units, and a three-story 160 unit senior housing building situated along a new boulevard road.  Over two acres of City-owned park open space will also be created. The project is anticipated to be phased and take three years to complete.

The overall development plan for "The Parkways"

The overall development plan for “The Parkways”

The development will be built by the Moceri Companies, headquartered in Auburn Hills.  Moceri has built several notable projects within the City such as office spaces; University Village and Wellington Green, and residential developments; Riverwalk, Astoria Park, and Arbor Cove.

The Planning Commission will review this new project on Tuesday, August 27th at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall in the Council Chamber.

New Homes For Sale at Forester Square

Posted by – Tom Tanghe, Assistant City Manager

As Spring approaches, the Forester Square development located north of Auburn Road, west of Adams Road is beginning to see new life.


For a little history, this planned unit development began construction in 2001 with a large number of attached townhouses.  The developer had plans for a number of single family homes co-existing in the “neo-traditional neighborhood” along with several amenities such as park space, a community clubhouse, and a swimming pool.  Sadly, only 205 of the proposed 832 units were built due to the Great Recession.

Fast forward to 2011.  After the developer was foreclosed upon for back taxes, the City decided to enter the picture and purchase two large tracts and 48 single family lots in the community.  We immediately began to market the land in hopes of seeing new construction begin and to help facilitate the eventual completion of the project.

The City found an excellent builder named Mike Mattera to build some of the single-family homes.  The result is the first two models, which will be ready for public tours within the next 70 to 90 days.  The homes will be offered at around $200,000.  We invite you to check them out soon.