Happy Retirement Dale!

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Yesterday, the City of Auburn Hills celebrated and honored Code Enforcement Officer Dale Mathes.  Dale will be retiring next week as he concludes just under 12 years of service in the Community Development Department.

Dale Mathes (left) being congratulated by City Manager Tom Tanghe (right)

Dale will truly be missed by our Department.  I’m sure that if you were to look in Webster’s Dictionary for the definition of a “really good guy” you would find a photo and description of Brother Dale (as we affectionately call him).  He would be wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey.

This will be Dale’s second retirement.  He came to Auburn Hills in 2005 after retiring from the City of Detroit Police Department.  Dale has been extremely valuable to our team as he has brought a wealth of knowledge, a ton of real life experience, patience, and pure common sense.  Simply said, he made us better – which is an outstanding legacy to leave.

Best wishes Brother Dale.  Enjoy your much deserved retirement.  Thank you again for your service to the City of Auburn Hills.

Congrats Dale!

The Green Hornet Rides Again!

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

The Green Hornet is still out there, schlepping from one end of the City of Auburn Hills to the other looking for those yards not cut, those vacant lots ignored … but wait, the few parcels in that condition are brown and dried up, not over the eight inch height limit.  Once again the reason is … HEAT!!

Dale Mathes (a.k.a., The Green Hornet)

As reported last month, the evil mastermind behind The Worldwide Ecological and Environmental Destruction System (W.E.E.D.S.) has upped the ante.  This summer has seemed like an inferno at times with several days above 100 degrees!

For the month of July, our hero issued a mere 13 Violation Notices – as compared to 50 warnings a year ago.  Good news!  All 13 property owners complied.

This left 18 residential properties to be abated by Jason (a.k.a.,“Residential Man”) and six vacant lots cut by Norm (a.k.a., “The Rough Cutter”).  All 26 parcels were repeat customers.

So back to the real question everyone at City Hall is asking:  Who is the diabolical leader of W.E.E.D.S?  Well, the Green Hornet has narrowed it down to three persons of interest.

“Tex” Sunn has been The Green Hornet’s nemesis for years

First is “Tex” Sunn, the billionaire Texas oilman (tanning oil, of course.)  Next is Apollo Scorcher, whose company, Sun Watch, is the leading manufacturer of wrist sundials.  And finally, Suzette Soliel, whose line of high-priced sundresses is losing customers due to the rising popularity of short shorts.

Is the evil mastermind one of those three?  Or could it be someone else entirely different?  Perhaps, it’s someone one you would never expect.  Stay tuned loyal readers as your hero stalks this elusive villain.

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Proud Papa

Dales Mathes

Editors Note:  We encouraged Dale Mathes to share this wonderful story.  Folks often think of Code Enforcement Officers as the “bad guys,” but they don’t know Dale and how he approaches his craft.

We thought the citizens of Auburn Hills may wish to know that Dale – nicknamed “Brother Dale” and the “Green Hornet” – is very much beloved by his peers.  Here’s some good news in his life that he wanted to share with his co-workers and the community.  

Dale is just a really good man that’s proud of his girls.  Once you read this story, I am sure you’ll understand why.

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

Well, this is a departure from my usual blogs about grass, dogs, cats, junk cars, blight, and being the Green Hornet.  This has nothing really to do with the City of Auburn Hills, except that I work here and this town has given me a great opportunity.  The job keeps me busy and engaged post-retirement from the Detroit PD – doing rewarding work that suits my skills.  This blog is really about an old dad who is very proud of his girls.

Those of us who are parents get more than enough bad news during our tenure, from bad marks to bad friends, bad breaks to bad decisions.  That makes it all the better when we get good parental news.  That’s why this last week was especially great for me as a father.  Both my grown daughters had wonderful news that they just had to share with their old man.

My youngest daughter, Clare, is a PhD in neuroscience (I had to practice learning to spell that one…) works at Florida State University.  Last month, she attended a conference of like-minded researchers in Zurich, Switzerland.  Apparently, as a result of her presentation there, she has been invited to give a seminar on her research this September at Yale University … Say what?! … Yale? … I almost fell off my Barcalounger.

Then, a couple of days ago, my oldest daughter, Sarah, informed me that after working at Allegra Network (formerly Speedy Printing) for over 15 years – as an intern, an accountant, and an executive – she had been named their Controller.  Knowing the dedication and hard work she has shown the company, it’s well-deserved but still an outstanding achievement.   So, she has a new title, a new office, and a hefty raise.

Well, thanks for reading this – especially something that has nothing to do with Auburn Hills.  I’m just a proud father bursting at the seams to tell the great news about his wonderful girls.   This news has put a spring in the step of your trusty part-time Code Enforcement Officer.  Life is good.