Crunching the Numbers

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

The City of Auburn Hills takes tremendous pride in the transparency and timeliness of its communications with the public.  The City uses various methods of getting the word out ranging from face to face public meetings to the use of the world-wide web.

Since February 3, 2012, the Community Development Department has used this internet-based blog called Developing Thoughts as an informational tool and historical archive.

The blog began on February 3, 2012

The blog began on February 3, 2012

As we start this exciting new year, it’s good to look back at some key statistics for the blog:

  • In 2012, we posted 199 stories and our blog had about 18,000 views
  • In 2013, we posted 144 stories and our blog had about 25,000 views
  • In 2014, we posted 149 stories and our blog had about 37,000 views

Our team anticipates reaching the following milestones in Y2015:

  • Celebrating our three-year anniversary
  • Posting our 500th story
  • Exceeding 100,000 views since inception

So, thank you for following our blog!  We look forward to continuously improving this platform of storytelling.

Stay tuned in Y2015 for more updates about the many people, businesses, and activities that make the City of Auburn Hills so very interesting.

Happy New Year!