Halloween in the Hills

Posted by Dale Mathes – Code Enforcement Officer

With the approach of Halloween, it’s very interesting to observe the array of decorations that Auburn Hills’ residents put on display. They range from the whimsical, such as Count Chocula, BooBerry and Frankenberry, to the scariness of a giant spider who has wrapped up a body in its web.  Some can be plain and simple, like a line of pumpkins on a porch with an autumnal wreath on the door.

lawn pumpkins

blury spider

Pumpkins on Ledge

Others are downright funny (and seem to involve skeletal dogs) like the skeleton getting chased by the skeleton dog or the bony guy posing elegantly with his favorite pet.

running skeletons

skeleton with dog

Any way it’s displayed, from scary to silly, it once again shows that Auburn Hills’ citizens take their fun very seriously.

Happy (and safe) Halloween!