Toasted Bun – A Hometown Favorite

Posted by – Jeff Spencer, Building Official

Every town should have one – a restaurant that is comfortable and casual, where the food is good and the prices are reasonable.  A place where you’ll find familiar, friendly faces.   The Toasted Bun is exactly that place.

Toasted Bun owners Rich and Kristine Walker

Toasted Bun owners Rich and Kristine Walker

Nestled into the heart of Downtown Auburn Hills, owners Rich and Kristine Walker have been serving up great breakfasts and lunches for eight years.  They’re known for treating their customers like family, which is fitting, because it is a family business.  Three of their four children have worked in the restaurant over the years.

Rich, who grew up in Auburn Hills, explained that Kristine really runs the restaurant and spends a lot of her time there.  So much so, that if she takes even two days off in a row, customers start asking if she’s on vacation.

new sign

With a brand new Toasted Bun sign out front, which was installed just yesterday, they’re easy to spot at 3343 Auburn Road.  Stop by Monday through Friday from 6am to 3pm, Saturday from 7am to 3pm and Sunday from 7am to 2pm. and check out this great local eatery.

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  1. I totally agree…… The best place ever!!!!!! Keep up the good work..Marvel and John Stork

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