A New Place for Ancient Practices

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

One of the newest locations in Great Lakes Crossing Outlets isn’t an outlet or even a store.  Its major products are your health and well-being.  Super Life practices acupressure, an ancient Chinese healing bodywork, that involves applying pressure to certain points on the body to relieve pain and stress.  The staff also performs reflexology which involves alternating pressure to reflexes located on the feet.

super life 1

Acupressure can relieve back pains, headaches, improve blood circulation and relieve stress and tension.  Reflexology promotes relaxation, reduces pain and soothes tired feet.  Both these procedures are administered in an open setting.  Customers remained clothed, only removing shoes and glasses.

super life map

Super Life located in District 6 near AMC Theaters.  So, be on your way to a super life by visiting this fine establishment and … relax.