Notre Dame Killer Bees Are Buzzing Again

Posted by – Laurie Renaud, Economic Development Coordinator

FIRST Robotics has the Notre Dame Killer Bees buzzing again.  This year’s challenge is aerial assist robots passing to each other for points and shooting into different levels for additional points.  Click here to view the project they are working on.

The Notre Dame Killer Bees held their Open House celebration to thank sponsors for their support.  It was a great turnout of area businesses, mentors, families, and of course the students that bring the robots to fruition.  Although it is too early to share a picture of the robot, let me just say the workmanship, once again, is superb.


The team work involved in building and programming these robots in six short weeks has the teams staying up through the night.  The name of their team is so fitting because there is such a buzz of excitement going on thorough the night.  The group continues to work with other groups during the off-season too.  They’ve held camps for Girl Scout groups, taken their robot to other schools, and entered it in parades, just to name a few activities.  Marketing and fundraising are key to their existence.  These competitions are not cheap, but certainly worth the support.  The students are dedicated and amazing.

I was able to chat with some of the team members during the event held at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles earlier this week.  Two gals, Sabrina Lasota and Kate Grogan, from the BATMAN Team, which stands for Business & Technology Marketing & Networking, explained that their group is responsible for writing and producing video for the Chairman’s Award, along with all other communication and networking for the team.

Michigan has taken over the largest amount of teams this year.  We now have 297 teams, beating out California.  Way to go Michigan students!  Thanks to all the sponsors of these teams. Without them it would not be possible.  These kids are our future – invest and support them please.