Still Feel The Emotions

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Last night, I watched a short video that the City of Auburn Hills made in partnership with the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce in January 2012.  It’s called The Auburn Hills Story.  The clip still impacts many of us.  I personally make a point to watch it often to remind me of our team’s mission.

It brings back a sea of emotions.  A reminder of the fear and uncertainty that the Great Recession brought to Michigan families.  In Auburn Hills, we saw Chrysler lay off thousands of workers and witnessed several auto suppliers struggle to stay open.  The number of home foreclosures were high in the region because thousands of people were out of work and couldn’t pay their mortgages – many being forced to leave the State to look for new jobs.  There was even talk of the Palace of Auburn Hills becoming a “white elephant” and the imminent move of the Pistons to another community.  It was an uneasy time.

However, Auburn Hills had a choice.  Be paralyzed with worry … or keep our heads up and move forward.   Our community collectively chose the latter.  We chose to innovate, hustle, and think differently.  Today, we’re in a better place.

If you’ve never seen this short video (2 minutes and 27 seconds long), watch it.   If it’s been a while since you’ve last watched it, do it again.  Feel the emotions and remember.