Relentless Positive Action

Posted by – Laurie Renaud, Economic Development Coordinator

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to hear Governor Rick Snyder speak at a Detroit Regional Chamber event in Detroit.  “Relentless Positive Action” is the phrase he uses in “Reinventing Michigan.”  During his talk the Governor covered many issues holding Michigan back that have been resolved with the aid of many partnerships.  Not wanting to be complacent with where Michigan stands, ideas and solutions continue to be put forth in this effort of rebuilding Michigan.  Governor Snyder encouraged all “Michiganders” to be passionate in this effort and build partnerships to continue the positive action in Michigan.


Governor Snyder went on to tell of the checklist of items he still intends to accomplish as he reinvents Michigan.  Such as creating ways to help the jobless attain jobs through programs such as MAT2 and “Mechatronics”, bringing crime rates down in Detroit, Pontiac, Saginaw, and Flint by providing more funding for Police in these areas, and by creating ten regions categorized by what they do best to inspire regional cooperation between partners in these areas have been some of the projects that helped bring Michigan out of the economical downturn.  These continued efforts with “relentless positive action” will bring successful outcomes in rebuilding Michigan.

Now, as we start to thrive and build, the list of ideas and solutions continue to grow this effort.  Allowing all children to have an opportunity to attend preschool, to increase funding to aid college bound students who can’t afford it on their own, and to build our road and bridge systems back to good condition is all part of the efforts moving forward to reinvent Michigan.  Building our business communities, growing and, and building strong partnerships is the way to continue strengthening Michigan.

As a regional employment hub, the City of Auburn Hills recognizes that it plays an important role in the Governor’s effort of “Relentless Positive Action.  Working together, we can continue to reinvent Michigan.