Future Bright for the Auto Industry

Posted by – Laurie Renaud, Economic Development Coordinator

City Manager Pete Auger and I recently attended the Automotive Industry Update hosted by the Detroit Regional Chamber.  The figures look great for the automotive world in sales for several years out.  Bernard Swiecki, Associate Director, Center for Automotive Research, stated “U.S. light vehicle car sales are expected to reach over 16 million through 2016.”  Also, our Big Three ranked in the top four for the U.S. market share in 2013.  We viewed the North American International Auto Show following the meeting.


We were able to check out many of the cars at the show.  This was one of my favorites on display.  If you look closely, you may know the model in these pictures.  Are you old enough to remember hot wiring of cars?  Hmmm … it seems someone may have had some practice at doing that during one point in his life.