First Class Theatre … Right Next Door

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

When one thinks of legitimate theatre in Southeastern Michigan, usually the destination is Downtown Detroit – The Fox, The Fisher, Music Hall, or The Masonic.  But here in Auburn Hills, we’re lucky enough to have a fine theatre and repertory company right across the street from City Hall – Meadow Brook Theatre on the campus of Oakland University.


Here’s a peek at their schedule for the first part of this year:

Jan. 8 – Feb. 2:  “Harris Cashes In!” – A comedy musical about an elderly Broadway writer who gets another chance.

Feb. 12 – March 9:  “Lysistrada Jones” – An adult musical (check out the theater website for more information, it’s a little too racy to relate it here.)

March 19 – April 13:  “Falling” – A drama for mature audiences about a family with an autistic child.

April 23 – May 18: “The Andrews Brothers” – Three stagehands fill in for the Andrews Sisters (?!)

May 28 – June 22: “Cole Porter’s You Never Know” – A “Prince and the Pauper”-type show with plenty of Cole Porter’s music.

Check their website for show times and ticket prices … and enjoy the show.