Statistics Don’t Lie

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill once said that there are three kinds of lies: “Lies, darn lies, (he didn’t say ‘darn’ but this blog is rated ‘G’) and statistics.”  Well, the stats are in for the City’s 2013 Weed Abatement Program and we are not lying; they’re quite an improvement from last year.

In 2013, Code Enforcement Officers investigated 440 properties for violation of the City’s Noxious Weed Ordinance.  Of these, 311 property owners/occupants complied with the Violation Notices and cut their grass.  This left 139 properties to be cut by City contractors.  The rate of compliance was over 70%.  In 2012, the rate was 59% with 225 sites complying out of 378 cited.  This resulted in 153 locations having to be cut.

One interesting fact arose while reviewing this year’s statistics.  Of the 139 properties cut by City contractors, 83 of the parcels cut (some multiple times) were owned by individuals or entities that did not reside in Auburn Hills.  These included absentee landlords, banks, mortgage companies, and governmental agencies.  This is over half (59%) of the properties cut.

The bottom line is this: the vast majority of property owners in Auburn Hills maintain their properties on a regular basis.  At times some residents need to be reminded of their responsibilities and, again, the vast majority of them respond with compliance.  This illustrates the pride and good citizenship of the average Auburn Hills’ resident.

After all, the statistics don’t lie.