Windsor-Based Company Expands to Auburn Hills

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

A healthy, fast and inexpensive lunch is sometimes a tall order, but Great Lakes Crossing Outlets has a new restaurant that fits the bill. It’s a new little place called Bozii (pronounced bo-zee).

A Bozii is not a burger and not a sandwich. It’s a premium stuffed pocket that is freshly grilled to order. With less calories, fat and sodium, Boziis are a healthier alternative to other fast food options. Every Bozii is made from scratch with premium ingredients and are free of any food additives or preservatives.

David Bachtold, Vice President of Operations with his staff

David Bachtold, Vice President of Operations with his staff

“After establishing Bozii in Windsor, we are excited to open locations in our neighboring state of Michigan, said David Bachtold, Vice President of Operations, Bozii. “We offer a healthier, easy-to-eat meal that can be served fast and is fun to eat. A person shouldn’t have to spend a fortune for nutritious, baked from scratch food that tastes fantastic.”

Check out this new business this holiday shopping season!