‘Tis The Season For Political Signs

Posted by – Darren Darge, Code Enforcement Officer

Election season is almost here and with it comes political signage.  These signs can get out of control if the rules aren’t strictly enforced.

sign 2

The photo above shows a landscape we work to avoid.  Political signs do not require a permit, but placement must follow specific guidelines.

All signs must observe the setback standards of the zoning ordinance, and may not encroach in the required road right-of-way (ROW) which is the area between the sidewalk and street or a utility pole or street.


You may not block the “Visual Clearance Triangle” which is the 25 ft clearance of any intersection and boulevard.

It is a homeowner’s responsibility to find out if political signs are prohibited by subdivision restrictions prior to placing a lawn sign at a residence.  All signs must be placed on private property with the owner’s permission and must be removed within seven days following the election.

sign 1

Adhering to these rules will help keep Auburn Hills a great place to live, work and play.