Beautextra Opens in Auburn Hills

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

While I love all of our Auburn Hills companies, there is a new one opening Monday, September 16th that is of particular interest to me.  My need to shop kicks into high gear when beauty products, salon quality shampoos and top nail polish brands come into play.


Kim Hill is the proud owner of Beautextra, a retail / discount beauty supply company that is conveniently located in the Auburn Crossing Shopping Center.  Kim, an experienced retailer, has been in the beauty business for over 20 years.  This spring she decided to start her own company and open her own store.  She is excited to get the word out to everyone that she caters to both licensed beauticians and the general public.  The only item specifically reserved for her licensed customers is salon hair color.


Beautextra is located at 2763 University, right next to Spargos Coney Island.   Rows and rows of the latest products in the hottest colors already line the shelves, so stop by next week to get a first look at this great start-up company.  We wish Kim well in this exciting venture!