Auburn Hills Selected for Planning Excellence Award

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

Yesterday afternoon, Community Development Director, Steve Cohen received word that Auburn Hills was selected to receive the Planning Excellence Award for the The Auburn Hills Electric Vehicle Ready Project for Best Practices by The Michigan Chapter of the American Planning Association.  To say that we are pleased is an understatement!

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We are all very proud of Steve and the team which includes the Planning Commission, Ron Melchert and his Department of Public Works team, OHM Advisors and Clean Energy Coalition for their hard work and dedication to the project.

In response to the growing production of electric vehicles and the likely changes that will accompany that trend, the City initiated a collaborative effort with automotive manufacturers, suppliers, energy companies and local government entities to solicit input on the development of an EV infrastructure.  In July 2011, Auburn Hills became the first city in Michigan to introduce a comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure ordinance that facilitates the installation of EV charging stations.  Auburn Hills has encouraged other communities to use the ordinance as a springboard for developing their own ordinances.

Also of significant note, the signage developed for EV recharging stations has been approved and adopted by the Michigan Department of Transportation and is now under consideration by the federal government for use as the national sign to identify parking spaces designed for EV charging.

A formal presentation of the award will be held during the Michigan Association of Planning Conference this fall in Kalamazoo.   We look forward to the expansion of this network to support current and future EV owner needs.