Making Budgeting Fun

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

You may know of some of the most sought after trophies.  There’s the Stanley Cup, Vince Lombardi Trophy, and the Ryder Cup … but have you heard about the Budget Cup?

We won!!   What's the deal with that guy in the purple shirt?

We won!! What’s the deal with that guy in the purple shirt?

What’s the Budget Cup?  It’s an award given annually by the Finance Department to City Departments which excel at budget accuracy and cost savings.

Yes, the City of Auburn Hills takes its budgeting process very seriously.  The process starts with the annual City Council goals and objectives workshop.  Next, each Department submits its budget projections and expenses to the Finance Department.  We envision and spend every dime on paper before the year begins so there are no mistakes or surprises.  The entire process takes about five months with the final budget being approved by the City Council.  It’s the City’s collective goal to spend less money than actually budgeted.  Novel idea!   That’s one of the reasons our town is in such good financial condition.

This year the Finance Department gave the Community Development Department one of the Budget Cup awards for “cost savings” for being 12.0% under budget.

We take our responsibility of stewarding the taxpayer’s money very seriously, so it’s nice to receive this recognition from our peers at the Finance Department.  Great job, team.

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