Flower Power

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

What do you get when you combine 90 gardeners from 14 different communities in a beautiful, spring, outdoor setting?  A rockin’ plant exchange!

LAHBACPE1301494In mid-May, the Auburn Hills Beautification Advisory Commission hosted the City’s 22nd Annual, Perennial Flower Exchange.  From brand new beginners to master-level gardeners, the participants convened at the beautiful River Woods Park pavilion to trade plants and talk shop.

LAHBACPE1301820This event invites the gardners to talk with each other to learn what plants are available to share or trade.  During their discussions, they learn more about the plants, each other and how to make their homes, and in turn their neighborhoods, more beautiful.

I recently learned that a small group of friends developed out of this most recent exchange, which I think is a powerful thing.  Bringing our community together helps us all grow.   We hope you can join us next spring!