Gardener’s Gold

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Water Resources Coordinator

black-gold-sifted-compostGardening is becoming a popular pastime with increasing numbers of people wanting to grow their own produce naturally, without the use of harsh chemicals.  If you have plans to start a garden this year or find it a challenge to grow large healthy plants, maybe you could benefit from some “gardener’s gold”.

Those with a green thumb know that gardener’s gold is more commonly known as compost and that using it in your garden can enhance the productivity and fertility of soil.  When used on a regular basis over several years, compost provides a reservoir of nutrients that are continuously available for plants and helps restore microbial populations in the soil.  It also improves soil structure, retains water and encourages root growth.

The good thing about gardener’s gold is that you don’t have to go to Fort Knox to get it.  The South Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority (SOCRRA) is offering screened and cured compost at no or low cost.  No need for armed guards when you load your vehicle.  You can shovel your own — FREE to residents of SOCRRA communities and Rochester Hills and $5 to residents of all other communities.  If you need a larger load, SOCRRA can load your trailer with a bucket loader for $5 per cubic yard, with a minimum charge of $15._garden-compost

SOCRRA’s yard waste compost site is located at 1741 School Road in Rochester Hills.  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm.  The yard will also be open on Saturdays in May and June from 8am to noon.

Enjoy a hardier, healthier garden!