Keep Off The Grass

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

It looks like the snow may be gone at last.  After all, it is officially Spring.

Duringrass parking 1g the wintry months, though, it seems that some Auburn Hills residents may have fallen into a bad habit.  It looks like some folks were parking their vehicles on their snow covered lawns and have continued to do so after the thaw.

At any time of the year, snow or no, City Ordinance 1813 stipulates that vehicles must be parked on an approved surface.  These surfaces can consist of cement, asphalt, gravel and brick.  The specifications as to how these surfaces are to be prepared are available by contacting the Community Development Department at 248-364-6900.

Grass parking 2Lawn parking can create erosion, fluid leakage can cause environmental problems, and such parking may inhibit access by emergency vehicles.  Plus, it just doesn’t look right.

So, please, when it comes to your vehicles…keep off the grass.

2 thoughts on “Keep Off The Grass

  1. Auburn Hills and it Zoning ordinance only apply to property purchase after Pontiac Twp became Auburn Hills . For those people who own property in Pontiac twp before It became Auburn Hills are grandfather in.(Please see the city charter) I wish city employees would give all the information out.

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