Declining Foreclosures – A Welcomed Trend

Posted by – Darren Darge, Code Enforcement Officer

After the economic downturn burst the housing market bubble, Auburn Hills’ officials assembled a Foreclosure Task Force in 2010. The process developed by this team allows us to monitor the number of foreclosures and inspect vacant homes on a weekly basis.  This helps ensure properties remain secure, safe and maintained in a sanitary, blight-free condition.

From program inception through the end of March 2013, here’s the skinny.

Foreclosure and Vacancy Chart

Foreclosure and Vacancy Chart

There are two (2) graphs in the chart above.  Sherriff Deed indicates properties that have officially entered the foreclosure process.  This is our “watch list”.  Vacant properties have been verified as foreclosed and vacant through Code Enforcement and Police Department inspection.

At its worst in 2010, the number of vacant foreclosed homes reached 80.  In March 2013 we averaged just 37.

The Foreclosure Task Force works very well together, sharing information on everything from property ownership to water usage.  Through this teamwork, the program has been a great success and will continue until the market fully recovers.  We are hopeful this welcomed trend in declining foreclosures continues.