You’re Going to Need a Bigger Net

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Water Resources Coordinator

You may recall similar words being uttered by Sheriff Brody aboard the boat ORCA in the movie Jaws.  Well, if you plan on fishing the Clinton River in the City of Auburn Hills this year here is some similar advice … you’re going to need a bigger net.

jaws brody

Why, might you ask?  Well, once in a great while the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fisheries Division has some extra adult trout on hand to release at one of the many stocking locations they have in our great State.  These adult fish are not available on a regular basis, so they are considered “extra” fish, above and beyond their regular annual allotment.

I’m pleased to report that earlier this week the DNR selected the Clinton River at Riverside Park as the location to release these extra fish.  As it worked out, in addition to the annual allotment of around 1,500 yearling brown trout (7-9 inches) stocked at Riverside Park, the DNR released over 750 adult brown (13-26 inches) and adult rainbow (14-16 inches) trout.  That’s not a typo; a small number of the brown trout surpass the 2-foot mark.

History was also made as it was the first time ever the DNR stocked adult rainbow trout – and they did it right here in the City of Auburn Hills.

Skinner 3 005

So, if you have any plans to fish the Clinton River in the City of Auburn Hills, take my advice and bring a bigger net.  You don’t want to let the big one get away!

2 thoughts on “You’re Going to Need a Bigger Net

  1. More sad news if true. I have it from reliable sources that ‘fishermen’ have located trout holding in front of the parks fishing deck and are deliberately snagging them. Since I haven’t witnessed this myself it will have to be ‘alleged.

  2. Oh great! Another MDNR “Stockerfest”! And more fishermen of dubious ethics right in our own backyard of Auburn Hills. Nice going.
    And I ask you to consider the word “sustainable”. Where was the science in this stocking? The DNR (and many others) know that the Clinton River can barely sustain the fish it holds now. And, without a new food source these newly stocked pellet-raised fish, if they aren’t mercifully caught, will die a cruel death of starvation. Not good!

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