Staying Focused

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Driving into work this morning something happened to me.  Things were going really fast in my head preparing for the day and something made me pause and take a moment to calm my mind.   I’m so very thankful.

stay focusedAs a little background, it seems like the Auburn Hills’ team goes a 100 miles per hour all the time, which honestly can be very exhausting.

We’re always moving from one important task to another.  It seems like we rarely take a moment to stop, think, and put things into perspective.

For many of us, it’s important that we remember our role in helping the City grow so that it stays healthy and vibrant for future generations.  We must be deliberate and intentional. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day craziness, we fail to see the “forest for the trees.”

It starts with “radical hospitality” so that our residents and business community receive the support and attention they deserve.  We must give people an experience that makes them wonder … Wow, is this really a governmental agency?  That also includes us serving each other.  Sometimes, we fall short of this high standard.  But, we must always strive for it.

So this morning, I stopped to think about what I’m so blessed to be a part of … The Auburn Hills Story.  The Great Recession is almost over.  It’s been a very dark and difficult time in Michigan.  The memories are still very raw for many of us.  However, our town pulled through it together as a team.  We’re going to be OK, perhaps much more than just OK.

I thought about the fantastic short video that the City of Auburn Hills and the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce produced last year called The Auburn Hills Story (click here to view the video).  It still inspires me today.  I encourage you to watch it … perhaps again.

Stay focused and serve.  Stay focused and serve.