DE-STA-CO to Open New Global Headquarters

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Did you know that the worldwide leader in the “clamping” business is expanding in the City of Auburn Hills?

DE-STA-CO, founded in 1915 as the Detroit Stamping Company, was first to design and manufacture the manual toggle clamp.

They orginally opened at 955 West Fort Street, near the present day location of Wayne Community College.

Today, they are a worldwide corporation with offices in 14 countries – which has positioned them as market leaders in the design, manufacture, and support of “workholding” (i.e., clamping) products and equipment.  In a nutshell, they make clamps for all types of parts ranging from small and delicate to large and heavy.

DE-STA-CO is recognized worldwide for its iconic red handled manual clamps.

DE-STA-CO is best known for:

  1. Having the widest variety of manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic clamping products on the market.
  2. Supplying high-tech “end-of-arm robotic tooling” to a variety of industries – ranging from food processing to automotive – used to secure and transfer parts and materials during manufacturing processes.

In 2007, DE-STA-CO moved its headquarters and research facility to Auburn Hills at 1025 Doris Road.  With continued success, they have now outgrown that facility’s offices and will soon open their new global executive office at the Concord Building located at 691 N. Squirrel Road.  This move is expected to bring 30 new jobs to the community.

We’re so glad they “clamped” onto us.