Season Finale: The Green Hornet’s Cutting Conclusion

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

The Green Hornet has closed the case

Well, the season finale of The Green Hornet’s Tall Grass Adventures is finally here.  It has definitely been an interesting summer for our intrepid grass cutting hero.

Vegetation growth in Auburn Hills has slowed to a snail’s pace in recent months.  September found only 16 lots needed to be cut by the City’s contractors.  All were repeat violations.  In October, due to the dramatic chilling of the weather, no cuts were performed.

The amount of cutting was down from the same period last year.  In comparison, 30 cuts were done by Auburn Hills in September 2011 and 13 cuts in October 2011.

What about the vast conspiracy that The Green Hornet was tracking all summer?  Why were the temperatures soaring and grass browning?  The Hornet was hard on the trail of suspected organization “W.E.E.D.S.” – The Worldwide Ecological and Environmental Destruction System when he realized that he was barking up the wrong tree.

Steve Cohen – the W.E.E.D.S leader – was right in our midst

Unbelievably, it was an entirely different group that was experimenting with our weather, but only for the best of purposes.  The group also has the acronym “W.E.E.D.S.” – We Enjoy Electric Drive Systems.

They were hoping to maximize sunlight to enable photocells to cheaply charge up plug-in electric vehicles throughout the City of Auburn Hills.  What?  Who is their leader?  Well, none other than our own plug-in pioneer – Director Steve Cohen!

Happily, the case is now closed with heroes rather than villains.  Thanks faithful readers and tune in next summer for all new episodes of The Green Hornet’s Tall Grass Adventures.

I bet it will be another wild ride.

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