Foodtown … No More

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Have you seen the new construction going on near the old Kmart?

Major Renovations Recently Started at the Former Foodtown Building

Local developer Jared Roth recently purchased the former Foodtown Supermarket at 3900 Joslyn Road.  He’s currently converting it into an industrial/R&D facility for a Tier One auto supplier.  The building has been vacant for over a decade.

Mr. Roth intends to invest just under $1 million in renovations, including replacing the west and north exterior facades.  The interior will be fully renovated to repurpose the building for office and laboratory use.

I think you’ll agree that this is great for the City.  We’re pleased to partner with Mr. Roth to help him complete the project by March 2013.

Foodtown Building – Before

Foodtown Building – Now (It’s Amazing How Buildings Can Be Reinvented)