The Green Hornet’s Dilemma – The Director’s Cut

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

Here comes everyone’s favorite weed blaster – well, almost everyone’s – The Green Hornet.  He was pretty busy in August.  Apparently, the nefarious schemer who’s been superheating our weather took a break and that’s what we got – a break in the weather.  Lower temperatures and a little bit of rain went a long way to encourage grass growth.

The City of Auburn Hills has a progressive vegetation monitoring program – led by Dales Mathes (a.k.a., The Green Hornet)

The Green Hornet issued 13 Violation Notices and all those warned complied and cut their grass.  In addition, thankfully, nine perviously warned property owners also complied.

However, 21 residential repeat violators had to be cut by Jason (“Residential Man”) and 11 large parcels were abated by Norm (“The Rough Cutter.”).  These stats are down from 2011, which were down from 2010.  All this indicates that more of our citizens, both residential and corporate, are maintaining their lawns regularly every year.

But what about the suspected organization “W.E.E.D.S.” – The Worldwide Ecological and Environmental Destruction System – that was thought to be wreaking havoc with our weather?  The Green Hornet really believed it was them.  But no, he was tricked!

The Green Hornet’s Dilemma

“The Chief” – Code Enforcement Officer Darren Darge – came across an incredible intelligence report yesterday that blew the Green Hornet’s mind.  It turns out that the dastardly villain behind the weather has been leaking false reports about W.E.E.D.S. to throw your trusty hero off the trail.  Puzzling indeed.

Who could be in charge of this operation and how/why has it affected our summer weather?  Stay tuned friends for next month’s exciting episode.

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