Eggs-cellent: Backyard Chicken Keeping Law Passes

It’s now legal to keep chickens in the City of Auburn Hills subject to conditions.

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

After much review, the Auburn Hills City Council approved a new ordinance last night which will allow the keeping of chickens subject to certain conditions.

The Ordinance was drafted in response to increased requests from citizens wishing to raise chickens in their backyard for fresh, organic eggs.  Prior to now, the keeping of chickens was a prohibited activity in the City unless your property was designated as a “farm” under the Zoning Ordinance.

The following are a few general highlights of the new law:

  1. No more than six hen chickens may be kept at any time.
  2. Roosters shall be prohibited.
  3. Slaughtering of chickens at the property shall be prohibited.
  4. Chickens may only be kept at a single family detached home in certain residential districts in the rear yard.
  5. The chicken coop enclosure shall meet specific design standards and be setback from adjacent residential structures and property.
  6. Any person keeping hens shall remain subject to public nuisance and other associated codes and ordinances such as noise, odor, and blight.
  7. An annual permit must be obtained from the City.

    Typical Chicken Coop Design

Please note that the City’s Ordinance would not override private deed restrictions, neighborhood association by-laws, or covenant deeds which prohibit farms animals.

So, anyone wishing to keep chickens please feel free to contact us at 248-364-6900.  We would be happy to walk folks through the new requirements and provide guidance.