Just One Word … Plastics

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

In the 1967 film The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman’s character, Benjamin, gets some unsolicited advice from a close family friend and accomplished businessman named Mr. McGuire after graduating from college.

Just one word … “Plastics”

Mr. McGuire wanted to enlighten the young man about the trends of the future by saying “Benjamin, I want to say one word to you.  Just one word … Plastics.”   He went on to vaguely explain to the confused Benjamin … “There’s a great future in plastics.”

That could have been the singular advice that Doug Bachan may have taken to become president of Maple Mold Technologies.  This plastic injection molding company just moved into Auburn Hills

Maple Mold Technologies builds production and prototype tools and creates plastic injected parts.  They specialize in high-volume, automatic dimensional molds for fastener, safety, and fuel line systems.  The company will employ 20 people at 2441 Opdyke Road, with plans to hire 20 more within the next three years.  They also have a sister facility in Rochester Hills.

Maple Mold Technologies is one of the newest companies to open up shop in Auburn Hills

This dynamic company has been in operation under the same owner and management since 1988.

President Doug Bachan and Controller Kristie Francis are excited about their investment in Auburn Hills and potential growth at this new location.

We’re excited as well, and like Mr. McGuire, we only have one word for them as well … “Welcome!”

No doubt, there’s still a great future in plastics.