Someone’s Talking About Us

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

It’s cool to hear someone else tell the Auburn Hills Story. 

The Clean Energy Coalition’s Mark Rabinski and Heather Seyfarth, along with myself

As many folks know, as the home of Chrysler Group LLC and numerous auto suppliers, the City of Auburn Hills decided last year to step up and champion the infrastructure and policies changes needed to support plug-in electric vehicles.

Our journey to become an “EV Ready Community” has been truly a team effort involving numerous City staff, consultants, and public officials.  Our example has become a model for Michigan, which has made us national players on the topic.  The funny thing is that, although we have spent over a year and literally hundreds of hours on the project, it’s only just the beginning.  Our next step will be to tell the Auburn Hills Story and provide assistance to municipalities across the State and ultimately America.

What is special is that we have made numerous friendships and learned so much along the way.  I personally value the new-found relationship that we have developed with the folks at the Ann Arbor-based Clean Energy Coalition (CEC).  These folks are really smart and talented.  Simply said, they are top-notch.  The CEC is leading the federally funded project to prepare Michigan communities for the roll out of these vehicles.  I can’t think of a better group to do it.  The City of Auburn Hills has pledged to be by their side until the work is completed.  They know we will keep our word.

So, check out this article announcing the launch of a state-wide program to prepare Michigan communities for plug-in electric vehicles called Metro Detroit Leads the Way on PEVs (click on title to view).   Please take a moment to read it.  We are very proud to be a part of the project.