In a Hurry … Go to Varsity Mart

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Sometimes you just need to pick up a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread, but don’t have time to shop at Meijer or Busch’s.  Well, a new business named “Varsity Mart” wants to be your local convenience store.

Varsity Mart opened last week in the Auburn Square Shopping Center, located at the northeast corner of Squirrel Road and Walton Boulevard.  The center is best known for Buddy’s Pizza, Olga’s Kitchen, and Starbucks.  Varsity Mart is located in the space between Tokyo Sushi and Salon 35.

Our team really enjoyed helping owners Jannat Mawa and Jannat Afroz open their small business.  The store is stocked with a variety of items that you would typically see at a 7-11, with the addition of a selection of pre-packaged grocery items.  So, you can pick up items like pop, hamburger buns, or diapers when you are in a hurry.  Within the next few months, they expect to receive approval from the State of Michigan to sell alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets.

Owners Jannat Mawa and Jannat Afroz opened Varsity Mart last week.

Their business plan is to cater to the college students at Oakland University, folks working at local businesses, and residents living in the Northeast Corner Neighborhood.

We wish them best of luck and welcome them to our community.