The Real Dream Team

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

People still talk about the “greatest team ever assembled.”

After a disappointing showing in the 1988 Olympics, the United States decided to send its best NBA players to the 1992 Olympics to show everyone who really ruled the basketball world.  The media gave them a suitable nickname … The Dream Team.

As expected, the NBA players dominated the competition, won the Gold Medal, and restored national honor.

As I drove home Tuesday night, after our Planning Commission meeting, I couldn’t help but smile and reflect about our “Dream Team” of lay planners.   The Commission had just finished another excellent meeting covering a number of interesting and complex items ranging from chicken keeping to the large temporary signs displayed on the Chrysler Headquarters building.   I couldn’t help but think to myself, how lucky we are to have this talented group of citizens guiding the land use planning and development direction of our community. 

Over the years, the Mayor and City Council have assembled this outstanding collection of residents who come from a variety of backgrounds such as law, engineering, real estate, and business.  It’s important to recognize that excellence does not happen by accident.  These folks are essentially volunteers (receive a very small stipend per meeting) that have spent hundreds of hours over the years to make our community better. 

So, after reviewing their Y2011-2012 Annual Report of accomplishments at the end of the meeting, it was fitting that the Planning Commission – The Real Dream Team – was awarded Gold Medals for their service.

Members of the Auburn Hills Planning Commission hold up their Gold Medals made by my kids

Thank you, Planning Commission members, for your dedication to the City of Auburn Hills.  You make a great team!