Will the W.E.E.D.S. Conspiracy Confound the Green Hornet?

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

There he goes, in his City-issued white pick-up truck (as his beloved Black Beauty -’65 Chrysler Crown Imperialis – is being retrofitted into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), the Green Hornet has been searching high and low for vegetation that is out of control.

But wait … is this the same metropolis that in May had 198 violation notices issued?  The same citizens who complied 140 times?  The very same place where 58 lots were cut by the Hornet’s posse?  No, something is very different here.

Dale Mathes “a.k.a., The Green Hornet” will get to the bottom of this conspiracy

In June, a grand total of 5 new notices were served, with 42 repeat violations noted.  Of these violations, 25 of them were voluntarily cut by their owners (53% compliance).  The remaining 22 sites were cut by our intrepid contractors – 9 large lots by Norm (a.k.a., “The Rough Cutter”) and 13 residential parcels by Jason (a.k.a., “Residential Man”).

What could possibly have been the reason for the dramatic difference between May and June?

One word … HEAT!!!  With a huge amount of days over 90 degrees, this June was one for the record books.  Lack of rain and excessive heat makes grass turn brown, not green, which stunts lawn growth.

The Green Hornet is onto this vast conspiracy that seems to be controlling our weather.  He has narrowed down his investigation to the infamous covert organization … The Worldwide Ecological and Environmental Destruction System (W.E.E.D.S.).  Who is its dastardly leader, you ask?

Tune in mid-August for the next episode of the The Green Hornet’s Tall Grass Adventures.  Rest assured citizens, your trusty hero will work to root out W.E.E.D.S. and find its evil mastermind, so that our lawns can become green once again.

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