“Old-School Cool” Comes to Auburn Hills

Posted by – Elizabeth Brennan, Executive Assistant

It’s not every day that a 104 year-old company moves into your community.

Converse – famous for Chuck Taylor’s classic basketball shoes – will soon open its first Michigan store at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in District 8, near the Bass Pro Shop’s interior entrance.

Many may not know that Converse was orginally formed in 1908 as a rubber company.  While they offered tires, their shoes gained more traction over the years.  They were an iconic presence through the decades that saw World War II, the rise of Rock & Roll, and the formation of the NBA.

Adopted by basketball players and rebels alike, the Converse brand has always been synonymous with independence – embracing originality and individualism over the mainstream.  It’s in that spirit that they offer “Design Your Own” sneakers, where you create your own version of a classic by choosing from several styles, colors, and patterns.  Pretty fun!

In addition to their “old-school cool” shoes, the new store will offer clothing and accessories.  You’ll be able to check it out for yourself soon.

The store plans to open on July 12th.  Don’t miss it.  All the cool kids will be there!

Converse Store Coming Soon to Great Lakes Crossing Outlets