The Green Hornet’s Tall Grass Adventures

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer 

Cue The Flight of the Bumblebee music … The Green Hornet is here!

Photo of Dale Mathes (a.k.a, The Green Hornet)

Rest assured good citizens, The Green Hornet has teamed up with his faithful companions Norm (a.k.a., “The Rough Cutter”) and Jason (a.k.a., “Residential Man”) to cut a swath throughout the City of Auburn Hills.

Wherever there is grass and weeds over 8 inches in height, our trusty superhero swoops in with his neon green warning stickers to let property owners everywhere know that their tall vegetation must be abated.

Reporting back on his adventures for the first month of the grass cutting season – May 2012 – The Green Hornet stickered 198 sites with 140 of them being voluntarily cut by their owners (71% compliance).  This left 43 locations to be dealt with by Residential Man and 15 to be knocked off by The Rough Cutter.  These intrepid contractors were sent on 11 separate mowing missions and came back unscathed.

Looking back at May 2011, our hero stickered 160 locations with 121 complying (76%). Residential Man handled 32 homes and The Rough Cutter slashed 7 vacant lots.  Why the difference from one year to the next you may ask?  One word: March.

Y2012 was the first time in temperature recording history that March was warmer on average than April.  Is this the result of Global Warming?  Or could it be that some vast conspiracy is working to control our weather for its own heinous purposes?  Stay tuned grass fans, The Green Hornet will get to the root of the problem!

Editor’s Note: We hope you enjoyed Dale Mathes’ fun take on his grass monitoring duties.  He plans to report back monthly on the status of the program.  Folks at City Hall affectionately call him “The Green Hornet” – as you can see Dale has embraced his alter ego.  He works hard to help keep Auburn Hills looking good.  It’s not easy to manage an operation like this, which is implemented in coordination with Karen Adcock and the City’s Senior Services grass cutting program.  We feel lucky to have Dale on our team.  

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