The Extreme Junk Yard Makeover – Part Two

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

When we last left our story, we had a large chunk of residential real estate being misused as a mechanic shop and junk yard.  The residence had been foreclosed on by the bank and the owner was subsequently evicted by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.  The place was literally left a mess.

A junk yard and auto repair shop in the middle of a neighborhood? Hard to believe.

After the City and bank jointly conducted a massive clean-up of the site, a gentleman came along and saw potential.  The huge backyard, over an acre in size, appealed to him and the small house was perfect for his needs.  Permits were issued for electrical, plumbing, and heating alterations and the work renovating the house was completed in a timely manner.

Junk yard becomes a park-like setting. Such a great thing for the neighborhood

He also added fill to the uneven backyard and created a gently rolling landscape.  Gardens were added.  A swing was hung from a tree.  In the farthest end of the yard, a park-like setting was created complete with a hammock.

The new homeowner has created a landscaped area in the rear. Old tires have been replaced with a garden.

This house may never be nominated for a Beautification Award from the City.  After all, it does not have a white picket fence, colorful annuals, or professional landscaping in the front yard.  However, I’d like to nominate this Auburn Hills homeowner for the “Renovation of the Decade Award.”  It’s not every day a junk yard is transformed into a park-like residence.

This good citizen desires to remain anonymous, but we wish to thank and congratulate him on a job well done.

This clean-up has been a success story for the City of Auburn Hills.