Living The American Dream

Employees at the Auburn Hills facility building components for testing machines

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Robert Pilat is an American success story.

The entrepreneur started Orion Test Systems & Automation in his home garage.  Today, his company employs over 50 people at its Auburn Hills headquarters.

Pilat asked us to stop by his facility at 4260 Giddings Road earlier this week to help him with a fun challenge.  His business is growing so fast, that he needs more parking to accommodate new hires.  Luckily, the site is large enough to easily add the additional 20 parking spaces he needs without too much trouble.  We walked him through how to do it.  No red tape, just working as a team towards a common goal.

Orion Test Systems & Automation – named after the famous star constellation – is a global supplier of machinery for diagnostics tests with offices in Mexico, Poland, and India.  They specialize in electronic, mechanical, mechatronic, and hydraulic testing.  They build machines and develop software for automotive, aerospace, medical, and military clients. Everything is created “in-house” by highly skilled engineers and technicians.

During our visit, Pilat showed us the testing machines his team just finished for Continental Automotive Systems, Brose, and Chrysler Group.  They looked like big, black computer boxes with red-colored cables coming out from the sides.  He explained how the company is working on some exciting new projects for the hybrid and alternative fuels vehicles market; although we could not see them due to the proprietary technology being used.  We talked about our common interest in electric vehicles and how the company plans to buy a Chevy Volt and install a charging station on-site.

We really enjoy helping entrepreneurs, like Robert Pilat, grow their companies and thrive here in the City of Auburn Hills.  He is living the American Dream.  Come to think about it, so are we.