Fast and Furious: Auburn Hills’ Race to the Top

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

It’s such a simple equation:  Time = Money.

The City of Auburn Hills is proving each day that in this “New Economy” being fast and effective is the difference between winning and losing when attracting and retaining businesses.

People often ask us … “How does Auburn Hills do it?”  When we tell them about this equation, they scratch their heads and say … “Yeah, we know that, but how did you get that business approved in just 27 days?  It would take us four months to get that type of project processed.”   Well, like all good recipes, we have a secret ingredient.

Actually, it takes more than just understanding business deadlines to win.   The equation gets a little more complex because you have to add the concept of trust.  You have to invest in relationships one person at a time.  You have to deliver on your promises.

As my Mom used to say, “The proof is in the pudding.”  As reported in the Manufacturers’ News, Inc. in mid-April, only two other communities in the State of Michigan host more industrial workers than the City of Auburn Hills.   Our numbers grew by 12.9%.

Our business base includes a variety of prominent manufacturers, including Chrysler Group LLC, Borg Warner, U.S. Farathane, Continental North America, Delta Technologies, and Jabil Circuit, Inc.

The City of Auburn Hills views business development as good.  We call ourselves “Pro-Business” and use all the tools available to secure investment.  The City is very aware of what tax dollars from new and existing companies translate into for our citizens – low taxes, improvements to parks, good roads, police and fire protection, streets plowed, services for seniors, and so on.

Most importantly, these companies employ people and bring good paying jobs to the State of Michigan.  No matter our size, we plan to lead and innovate.

We are driven to move fast, folks are counting on us.