Son of The Dirty Half-Dozen: The Dreaded Inoperable Vehicle

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

Cars used as planters, as auto parts departments, as storage units … we often scratch our heads when we see these types of inoperable vehicle violations and wonder, “wouldn’t that be better off rusting quietly in a junk yard, instead of taking up space in that driveway.”

What do you mean this isn’t street legal?

Well, there are many things that can render a vehicle inoperable.  Something as simple as a flat tire, or as complex as a missing engine, can make a car unroadworthy.  One of the most common violations we find is missing or expired license plates.  Another problem is car parts lying around – after all, no one wants to live next to a junk yard.

We see it all … This is a story for another blog

If an inoperable vehicle is observed, the owner is given 10 days to fix the problem.  Code Enforcement Officers will work with that person to seek voluntary compliance, but if the problem is ignored a court appearance ticket is issued.

A little story…when Chevrolet introduced its Nova into Mexico, they were surprised that sales were flat.  Then someone informed them that in Spanish “no va” means “doesn’t go.”

So, if you see a car that “doesn’t go” let us know at 248-364-6900 and maybe we can make it go away.

Coming Soon:  The Green Monster! (and we’re not talking about Fenway Park.)