Now, That’s A Cool Looking Sign

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Hey, better late than never.

About a month ago, I reported in Darting Ahead:  New Chrysler Mural Debuts Soon that contractors were preparing to install a new temporary sign on the front of the Chrysler skyscraper to promote the 2013 Dodge Dart.   Well, that did not happen as planned.

It turns out someone very important at Chrysler Group, LLC decided the previously proposed wall mural was not quite good enough.  In response, experts totally retooled the sign’s message building on the mantra “Halftime in America,” which was the theme of their popular Super Bowl ad.  A new picture of the car was taken and the American flag was creatively added.  It looks really, really cool.

Weather permitting installation is anticipated to start next Tuesday, April 24th and will take about one week to complete.

I think you will enjoy the optimistic and patriotic tone of the updated sign.  Chrysler envisions a strong second-half with the statement: “All that matters is what’s ahead.” 

The City of Auburn Hills is very proud of its hometown company and partner.  Their determined attitude to succeed is inspiring.  They are definitely back!