Easy Fishing … Thanks to Our Friends

Posted by – Shawn Keenan, Water Resources Coordinator

We believe relationships matter.  Much of our success as a community is based on that premise.

Last week, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) stocked the Clinton River, at Riverside Park, with over 800 brown trout ranging 10-15 inches in size.  The DNR informed the City that they had a greater than expected survival rate at their hatchery in Oden, Michigan, which resulted in a surplus of brown trout for them.

The DNR thought of us first and offered the “free” fish to the City due to its continued efforts and partnership with their Fisheries Division, the Clinton River Watershed Council, and Trout Unlimited to protect and enhance Michigan’s coldwater fishery.  We are very thankful.

Typical Size of Brown Trout Added to the Clinton River

In a few weeks, the DNR plans to release another 1,500 5-inch brown trout into the waters of the Clinton River at Riverside Park.  These fish will also be provided to the City at no cost.

DNR Stocking the Clinton River with Trout

So, we welcome anglers of all ages to visit Auburn Hills to test their skills and take a chance at catching one of these wary fish.

Please note that at this time the City is asking anglers to practice “catch and release” techniques in the river when fishing the trout to improve their chances of survival and reproduction.

Anglers are also encouraged to report fishing conditions to us to help with the assessment of the City’s fishery (e-mail skeenan@auburnhills.org / Subject Line: Fishing Report).

Happy Fishing!  Who knows, you might get lucky and catch one of the elusive rainbow trout reported to be residing in the Clinton River.