Keeping Tomorrow in Mind

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

I drove by my local Blockbuster video store and got a little nostalgic.  While growing up, my family used to rent videos almost every weekend.  It was cheap, fun entertainment.  We weren’t the only ones; it was part of the social fabric of America.  Now, the process of going to a retail store to pick out the latest movie is becoming extinct.  Blockbuster had its day, but is now dying.

Businesses have a life cycle.  Like us, they are born and eventually die.  Some live for longer periods of time than others depending on how they are integrated into our way of life.  Some die due to new technology or changes in consumer preferences.

History shows that cities can also die, just like businesses.  In Auburn Hills, we understand that our ability to provide services to our citizens is directly linked to the success of our business community.  These companies pay 80% of the City’s taxes.   Thus, we work to create a supportive environment where entrepreneurism can thrive, so that the City will prosper.

We want our City to flourish for many generations.  As a team, we take our role as stewards of this place very seriously.  There is an intentional strategy at work.  We proactively partner with companies because we understand that they will help us reinvest in the community.  This spirit of stewardship and cooperation is so very important because the future of Auburn Hills, as we know it and envision it to be, depends on it.