Yuuup … I Love Storage Wars!

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

I admit it.  I’m addicted to the reality TV show Storage Wars on the A&E Network.  A friend told me about it a few weeks ago and now I can’t stop watching it.  Once you check it out, you will understand why.

The show follows a team of professional buyers who travel to self-storage facilities throughout California participating in auctions for the contents of abandoned storage lockers.  They compete against each other in an effort to turn a profit on the merchandise.  One buyer in particular shouts “Yuuup” every time he bids, which annoys his competitors.

Before the auction starts on each unit, the lock is cut and the door is raised.  Often all you can see is a messy pile of boxes and junk.  Bidders have only five minutes to inspect the unit from the outside.  They are not permitted to enter or touch anything in it.

The show is fun because the buyers do not know what they are going to get.  They take chances and sometimes find hidden treasures inside, often under a pile of old clothes.  I enjoy all the characters on the show, but I especially love “The Collector” Barry Weiss.  He made his fortune selling produce and now bids on lockers as a hobby in search of rare finds.  He is a very entertaining guy.  Oh, some of the cast members talk a little salty, so parental guidance is recommended.

While watching the show this weekend, I wondered … How many self-storage facilities are located within the City of Auburn Hills?  Well, we have four of them.

  1. Public Storage – 4040 Lapeer Road
  2. Melmar Mini-Storage –3401 Lapeer Road West
  3. Stor-A-Way – 2131 Pontiac Road
  4. Simply Self-Storage – 1096 Doris Road

If A&E ever wants to create Storage Wars – Detroit, it would be cool to see it in action at one of our facilities.  Yuuup!