Our Fortunate Position

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

The Fortune 500 is an annual list of the 500 largest companies, in terms of revenue generated, in the United States as compiled by FORTUNE magazine.

The list is popular as it draws the attention of those seeking to learn about the most influential public and private companies in the American economy.

After reviewing the Y2011 list, I wanted to share a few facts.

  1. As expected, Wal-Mart topped the list of companies.
  2. The State of New York had the most Fortune 500 corporate headquarters with 57.  In comparison, the State of Michigan had 22.
  3. The City of Auburn Hills (population 21,412) tied the City of Detroit (population 713,777) with the most Fortune 500 corporate headquarters in the State of Michigan with three companies: Chrysler Group, Autoliv, and BorgWarner.
  4. With a total of three, there are more Fortune 500 corporate headquarters located in the City of Auburn Hills (17.5 square miles in size) than in 19 States.  23 States had three or less located within their boundaries.

I thought you might find this interesting.