A Horse is a Horse, of Course, of Course

Posted by – Dale Mathes, Code Enforcement Officer

A few months ago, we dealt with a very unusual situation.  A State employee was checking on a client at a home in the northwest part of the City.  While inspecting the premises he found that in the rear yard, surrounded by a privacy fence, was a small garage.  Inside that garage was a horse in a stall.  He immediately contacted the Auburn Hills Police Department, who in turn contacted us.

At the scene it was clear that the animal, while not abused, was in need of assistance.  The stall area was not ideal and the horse appeared thin and undernourished.  As a team, we made the decision to contact Oakland County Animal Control for assistance.

When the Animal Control officers arrived on the scene, so did the owner of the horse.  The owner became very emotional in explaining that economic circumstances had forced her to move the horse from a commercial stable to the only place she could afford – the garage.  The Animal Control officers handled the situation with courtesy and professionalism.  But, the horse had to go.

Arrangements were made to have the horse taken to a farm that acts as a type of shelter for animals.  There the horse would be properly housed, fed, and cared for.

This incident illustrates how we often work as a team with other law enforcement entities to solve some unusual problems.  All three levels of government worked together – no one thought that anyone was “passing the buck.”  Everyone’s concern was for the good of the horse.  After all, sometimes our animal residents need help too.